FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul Venue

Seoul Hall of Urbanism & Architecture



The main venue for FOSS4G Asia 2023 is the Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture(SHUA) in Seoul. SHUA was erected as a part of the Sejong-daero Historic Culture Space Design Competition. As Korea’s very first urbanism and architecture specialized exhibition hall, it houses a total area of 2,998 m², spread between the first floor down to the third floor basement level. The first floor is comprised of a citizen’s space, or public area, while the lower three basement levels are home to extensive galleries and have an underground walkway connecting with Seoul Citizens Hall.


Seoul Citizens’ Hall



Citizens are welcome to visit the Citizens Hall, located on the 1st and 2nd basement floors of Seoul City Hall, as a space to enjoy high-quality performances and exhibitions, hold meetings with neighbors, and participate in the city administration of Seoul. The Citizens Hall was designed with the concept of space as “empty” and “flexible,” so that it can attract diverse citizen-led activities for civic engagement of various purposes (e.g. planning, exhibition, performance, discussion, education, relaxation, play). It is convenient to use as it is directly accessible from Seoul Plaza as well as City Hall and Euljiro Stations.