We hope you have a special experience during your stay in Korea. Seoul offers beautiful natural scenery, delicious food, and numerous attractions throughout the city. If you need assistance with your travels in Seoul, please refer to the website for helpful information.

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In Seoul, you can experience both traditional and contemporary cultures. If you’re interested in traditional Korean culture, We recommend taking a palace tour. For a taste of modern culture, explore areas like Hongdae and Itaewon. There’s a variety of places to visit that offer a blend of Korea’s rich heritage and its vibrant, modern lifestyle.

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If you want to travel comfortably in Seoul, consider using the Seoul City Tour Bus. Tickets need to be reserved in advance, so please refer to the relevant website for necessary information.

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Korea is a great destination for travel, especially given its well-developed transportation infrastructure. If you need any essential information before your trip, please refer to the relevant websites for assistance.

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Jeongdong Theater

Jeongdong Theater, located in Jeong-dong in Seoul, the hub of culture, is a theater with a long history that is representative in the Korean theater scene. As a second production theater that supports excellent playwrights and theater companies, Jeongdong Theater offers the cultural space where performing artists and audience can get together.

🎈Programs : https://www.jeongdong.or.kr/eng/bbs/B0000263/list.do?menuNo=400008

Sejong Center

Sejong Center is creating an art landmark where citizens are happier with the aim of establishing a contribution to civic culture and welfare through the operation of culture and art expanding the opportunities to enjoy culture and serving to cultural development.

🎈Programs : https://www.sejongpac.or.kr/eng/performance/engperformance/performList.do?menuNo=700007

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