[FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul Opening]

November 29th, 10:30am~10:50am

AI X Geospatial: The time is now

Frederic Werner

Chief of Strategic and Operations at AI for Good and Head of Strategic Engagement at ITU-TSB

  • (2023-Present) Chief of Strategic and Operations (CSOO), AI for Good
  • (2019-Present) Head of Strategic Engagement, International Telecommunication Union 
  • (2016-2019) Senior Communications & Membership Officer, International Telecommunication Union
  • (2003-2016) The Community for Telecom Professionals (ETIS) 
  • (1997-2003) European Organization for Conformity Assessment (EOTC)

[FOSS4G-Asia Opening Ceremony]

November 29th, 10:50am~11:10am

The Direction and Future of Inclusive Cities in the Wake of AI Evolution: Seoul

SangYong Lee

Chief of Digital Affairs, Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • (2022) Executive Director, Hexlant(Blockchain Start-up)
  • (2017-2019) Lead Partner, EY Hanyoung Korea
  • (2010-2017) Chief Information Security Officer, KT
  • (2008-2010) CSA (Chief Security Advisor), Microsoft Korea
  • (2004-2008) Senior Manager, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

[FOSS4G-Asia Opening Ceremony]

November 29th, 11:10am~11:30am

Introducing OSGeo as a Public Space

Jody Garnett

Incubation Committee Chair, Open Source Geospatial Foundation

  • (2019-Present) Project Owner, GeoCat bv
  • (2016-2018) Board member and chair, OSGeo
  • (2015-2019) Community Lead, Boundless
  • (2011-Present) Incubation Committee Chair, OSGeo
  • (2003-Present) GeoServer Project Steering Committee


[The 31st Urban Spatial Information Forum]

November 29th, 14:15pm~14:35pm

GeoAI For Good

[UN Open GIS Initiative Joint Workshop]

November 29th, 16:00pm – 16:20pm

Open Geo-AI for UN

Maria Brovelli

Full Professor, Politecnico di Milano

  • (2010-present) Full Professor of Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
  • (2019–present) Co-chair of the UN Open GIS Initiative
  • (2020-present) Chair of the UN GGIM Academic Network
  • (2022- present) Curator of the GEOAI at the AI For Good Summit
  • (2015) Sol Katz Award Recipient

[2023 conference of KSGIS]

November 30th, 10:00am~10:30am

Lucid Heritage : Digital Representation & Archive of Urban Fabric

Jie-Eun Hwang

Professor, University of Seoul Department of Architecture

  • (2009-Present) Professor, University of Seoul Department of Architecture
  • (2018-Present) CEO, TechCapsule
  • (2017-2018) Director, Sewoon Collaboration Support Center
  • (2016-2017) Curator, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism
  • (2015-2016) Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Melon University Robotics Institute

[2023 conference of KSGIS]

November 30th, 10:30am~11:00am

Modern Map-Makers: The Power of Collaborative Mapping in Shaping Our Modern Technologies

Feye Andal

Regional Ambassador, YouthMappers

Visionary Leader: A dedicated leader in the YouthMappers community, Feye has spearheaded the expansion of local chapters across the Asia-Pacific region and has been at the forefront of providing crucial technical support to the network

Geospatial Expert: With a career dedicated to geospatial analysis, Feye specializes in leveraging open data and open-source solutions to tackle complex development issues for purpose-driven organizations

Community Builder & Contributor: Feye has been an active contributor and volunteer to OSM-Philippines and Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) for a remarkable decade, passionately nurturing the community’s growth and empowering individuals of all ages. Feye’s contributions extend to HOT’s disaster activation projects, where she has demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring data quality in critical humanitarian efforts.

[(UTC Seminar) Open data and AI for Urban Proximity]

December 1st, 13:30pm~13:50pm

PntML: AI-powered Geospatial Data Platform

Kyoungsook Kim

Deputy Director, Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

  • (2022-Present) Deputy Director, AIST
  • (2021-2022) Planning Officer, AIST
  • (2017-2020) Team Leader, AIST
  • (2014-2017) Researcher, AIST
  • (2007-2014) Researcher, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)

[FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul Closing]

December 1st, 15:30pm~15:50pm

Smart Maps for the United Nations, with the United Nations

Hidenori Fujimura

Director, Research Planning Division, Geography and Crustal Dynamics Research Center, Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) of Japan

  • (2019-2023) Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
  • (2017-2019) United Nations Geospatial Information Section
  • (2014-2017) Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
  • (2011-2013) Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • (2008- 2011) Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
  • (2007-2008) Leibniz University Hannover
  • (2002-2007) Geospatial Information Authority

[FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul Closing]

December 1st, 15:30pm~15:50pm

United Nations Maps: Mapping the World, Supporting Peace and Serving Humanity

Diego Gonzalez Ferreiro

Chief, Solutions and Support Unit, Global Service Centre, United Nations

  • (2022-Present) Chief, Solutions and Support Unit, UNGSC
  • (2016-2022) Chief, Data Management Team, UNGSC
  • (2013-2016) GIS Officer, GIS Section, UNSOS
  • (2009-2013) Geospatial Project Coordinator, MONUSCO

[FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul Closing]

December 1st, 16:10pm~16:30pm

Toward Future of FOSS4G Asia

Kyoung-Soo Eom

Retired Chief, Geospatial Information Section, United Nations (UN)

  • (2015-2023) Chief Geospatial Information Section, UN
  • (2011-2023) Co-Secretary to UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM),
  • (2012-2014) Chief Strategic Support Service, UN Department of Field Support
  • (2006-2012) Chief Cartographic Section, UN
  • (2000-2005) Chief GIS Unit, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations