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Seoul Hall of Urbanism and Architecture(SHUA) is conveniently located at just next to Seoul City Hall and in main Seoul central business district. So, there are many hotels from budget hotels to luxury tourist hotels around the venue. The usual price of the budget hotel starts from USD50 per night.

 Hotel rates range between USD50~1,000
 More than 150 hotels are there around the venue

We should admit that the hotel rates just near the venue are expensive. Since there are many convenient public transportations including metros, public buses, and public bikes in Seoul, FOSS4G Asia 2023 attendees can book a hotel a few blocks away from the venue to save the accommodation cost. FOSS4G Asia 2023 attendees could get to the venue quite easily by walk, bikes, metros and public buses. KTO(Korea Tourism Organization) also provides the ‘KTO Certified Accommodations’ through its web page and foreign attendees could search for various hotels suitable for their budget and purposes.