Workshops are an integral part of all FOSS4G Asia meets. They are a chance to learn more about Open-source software in the field of Geo-informatics. They also provide a platform to network and build lasting relationships.

Workshops at FOSS4G-Asia 2021 cover a variety of topics like python, Deep learning, Web mapping, etc. The workshops are 3 hours long. Details of the workshop are given in below.

You can enroll for a workshop in the registration form available on the registration page

WS-01 – Python for geospatial analysis and machine learning     

Instructor : PRAKASH P S


Affiliation: IIT Kharagpur          

Workshop Brief :This workshop covers Python programming basics and prominent libraries for remote sensing and geographic information system practitioners. The course will introduce participants to an understanding of Python programming, libraries for geospatial data handling, spatial analysis and also tools in building machine learning applications pipeline.

Participants must have : Working knowledge of any GIS tools such as ArcGIS, QGIS etc. A laptop/desktop with 64 bit Windows operating system and 8 GB or higher RAM, advisable in using two screens/monitors, Webcam, audio and mic facility

WS-02 : Web Mapping Using GeoServer and OpenLayers          

Instructor : Shailesh Chaure

Email :

Affiliation : Govt. Holkar Science College, Indore M.P., India

Workshop Brief : This workshop will cover the fundamental concepts of Web-GIS in a brief session followed by a hands-on session. The hands-on session will cover the various aspects of web-GIS application development using GeoServer and OpenLayers.     

Participants must have : Basic computer skills along with experience in GIS data creation and analysis. Preliminary Knowledge of programming scripts like JavaScript/HTML is desirable.

WS-03  :   MS4W: Easy Step-by-Step Serve & Deploy on Windows

Instructor : Jeff McKenna

Email :

Affiliation : GatewayGeo       

Workshop Brief : MapServer for Windows (MS4W) is a longtime popular installer that makes it easy to serve spatial data through various mapping standards (WMS/WFS/WPS/CSW, etc). Attendees of this workshop will be able to install and configure their mapping service through MS4W, and learn various tips for deploying their spatial data services through MapServer.         

Level: beginner

Participants must have : Windows instance with Administrator rights (or can follow along on other systems)

WS-04 : Introduction to Re:Earth – An innovative WebGIS OSS l which uses Cesium

Instructor : Hidemichi Baba

Email :

Affiliation : Eukarya Inc.

Workshop Brief : “Re:Earth” is a WebGISOSS that can use Cesium with no coding. It enables users to edit, compute, visualize, and publish 3D geospatial data on the web without coding by engineers. In this workshop, we will build the environment for developing “Re:Earth” at the beginning and actually develop Re:Earth itself. Let’s use your technical skills to further expand the possibilities of this innovative WebGIS tool.

Participants must have : The knowledge of basic Linux and Docker command. It is better if you have the knowledge of Go, React, TypeScript, GraphQL.

Software requirements: Latest Docker, Latest Google Chrome, Git v2+, Go v1.16+, Node.js v14+, yarn v1.2+”

WS-05 : Spatial Data Collection for Society with Epicollect5      

Instructor : V. Ravi Kumar

Email :

Affiliation : Director (retired), Geological Survey of India and Secretary, OSGEO India

Workshop Brief : This workshop will introduce the paradigm of open source mobile mapping, navigation and data collection applications. Additionally workshop will deal with demonstration of one such application Epicollect5 for multi mobile, multi-location and single form based field and research data collection.  

No pre-requisite knowledge is required. Acquaintance with GIS will be advantageous.

Participants must have : Smartphone for data collection, Access to Laptop/Desktop, to design forms

WS-06 : Deep Learning with the PyTorch Package for High-level Earth Observation Analysis     

Instructor : Thomas Y. Chen

Email :

Affiliation : Academy for Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

Workshop Brief : In this session, we delve into the basics of utilizing the PyTorch library of Python to train deep learning models (especially convolutional neural networks – CNNs) for object identification, classification, and semantic segmentation, in addition to change detection in multitemporal data, in satellite imagery.         

Participants must have : Familiarity with basic Python programming and syntax is strongly encouraged and recommended.

WS-07 : Tethys: A platform for developing and hosting GIS/RS Science applications     

Instructor : Rajesh Thapa ( and Kiran Shakya

Affiliation : International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

Workshop Brief : It is a python-based tool with Django web framework for processing and visualizing the GIS/RS near real-time data. The platform provides a software suite including PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Geoserver, Thredd server and so on. SERVIR-HKH at ICIMOD has developed many science applications using this framework.

– Streamflow prediction

– Extreme Weather outlook

– Drought watch system”          

WS-08 : OGC API – The modern geospatial data access standard.

Instructor : Prasong Patheepphoemphong, Pongsakorn Udombua and Sattawat Arab


Affiliation : i-bitz company limited, Thailand

Workshop Brief : The OGC API is modern geospatial data access standard that has recently been certified by OGC compliance testing. There are more than 10 series of OGC API release since 2020. The first released standard is OGC API. This workshop will enlighten participants on the geo-spatial standards and open api standard. One will get a deeper understanding of the OGC API Features by working with OSGeo Thailand services. Part 1 covers features of the core – ‘ISO ISO 19168-1:2020 Geographic information’ and Part 2 the walkthrough with OSGEO Thailand.

Pre-requisite for attending the workshop : Pre-installed software : Any OS

Software : Web Browser, Postman, QGIS with plugins

No programming skills are required

Level : Basic

Materials : Workshop Presentation Materials will be provided to participants

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