Call for Sponsors Opportunities

Sponsorships are the backbone of any scientific conference and contribute to the success of the event.  The call for sponsorship opportunities for FOSS4G-Asia 2021 is now open.

FOSS4G-Asia 2021 is the premier Asian regional conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Community which brings together researchers, professionals, private developers, students, and all the stakeholders from worldwide in general and Asia in specific together in one platform. The conference has now become the main Asian FOSS4G event, gathering people and OSGeo local chapters from all over Asia. This conference will cover various topics related to the Geospatial domain with special emphasis on sustainable development, IoT and land management.   Besides the main academic and technical presentations, FOSS4G-Asia 2021 hosts various other activities like FOSS4G talks, workshops, presentations, poster presentations, and code sprint. Cultural programs showcasing local art and culture are also presented.

By sponsoring FOSS4G-Asia 2021, you will be extending your contribution to the free and open source geospatial community, a contribution that is essential to keeping the free & open source software movement for geospatial active.

Sponsorship details are given below.

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