FOSS4G Asia is the regional conference of FOSS4G held every two years.  The biennial FOSS4G Asia conference is a forum which brings developers, users, decision-makers from various organizations across Asia and the world. FOSS4G tools are being used extensively in different domains to solve real world issues.

This year the FOSS4G ASIA is being held in Nepal this year.  The conference will be held at Dhulikhel in Nepal from the 1st and 2nd October 2021. It is being hosted at Kathmandu University by the Department of Geomatics Engineering with support from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Land Management Training Centre.

The conference aims to support the UN sustainable development goals agenda by bringing together academics, researchers, professionals, private developers, students from across the Asian region and the world to discuss on deliberate on the use of FOSS4G in the areas related to land management and use of IoT and Artificial Intelligence towards sustainable development.

The overarching theme for the conference is ‘FOSS4G in the era of Artificial Intelligence, IoT for Land Management and Sustainable Development’. Within this broad spectrum, specific areas of interest are:

● Urban Dynamics, Smart Cities, Food Green City
● Archaeological Cultural Heritages and Preservations
● Land Governance, Land Use Planning, and Management
● Land Information System and Cadastral
● Land Valuation and Land Development
● Agriculture (rural and urban) and Food Security
● Disaster Management and Mitigation
● Forestry and Biodiversity
● Spatial Data Infrastructure and Geo Ethics and Geo Governance
● Spatial planning and Decision Support system
● Community Building and Citizen Participation
● Teaching Spatial Information Science using FOSS4G
● Spatial Analysis for Gender Policy Lobbying
● FOSS4G Philosophy, Goals and Challenges

The event will provide you with many opportunities for networking and learning considering the busy schedule of keynote speakers, paper sessions, and talks, workshops, Birds of a feather, networking sessions, the Code sprint and social events.

Considering the situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic at a global scale, the event will be held in a  “Hybrid Mode”.

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