Social Event

Pre-conference Ice Breaker

The icebreaker has been proposed to be held in the Play Ground, University of Moratuwa on 2nd December 2018 from 17:00 – 20:00. There will be super cool activities such as games, music challenge etc. Will provide local foods and soft drinks.

You can enjoy the Sri Lankan Traditional Dancing Show

Wes dance : Wes is the most elegant, powerful and energetic dance in the Kandyan dance tradition.                Performed by most skillful dancers, wes is meant to carry on the highly enacted choreographic elements on the stage.

Mask dance. (Naga, Raksha, Grulu Raksha Pandam Paliya):   One of the most elegant dance styles performed by the Low country Dancer is the Naga Raksha and Gurulu Raksha. The legend behind the dance says that a group of Rakshasas transformed into poisonous snakes and captured their enemies and made them slaves. Only the mighty bird of prey Gurulu finally succeeded in driving the Nagas too bad. Please enjoy the dramatic martial arts of Naga Raksha- Gurulu Raksha.

Pandam Paliya:  also narrated to 18 Sanniya low country rituals. One of the grate dance of low country dance tradition.

 Folk dance (female): Folk dance, and folk music are the seeds of any classical dance or music tradition in the world. They not only represent the cultural identity in the global village, but also portray the authentic skills of the country men and women persuaded the wisdom of day to day life while representing the particular community. This is one of the folk dances that stamps the Sri Lankan identity in the world.

Fire dance: Gini Sisila or the Fire Dance is basically performed by male dancers who have the particular skill of walking on fire. They perform a highly energetic, miraculous dance with their bare-chested showing off with fire. They have fire torches in their hands: after blowing a few flames out in the air, they show up with a fire eating and rubbing fire up and down in their bare-chests! A dance styled with the authentic and dramatic drum beat!!

With street food

Hoppers Action Counter

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Welcome Tea with Traditional Sri Lankan Confectioneries

Date: 3rd December 2018, 10.30 am @ 5th Floor, Department of Town & Country Planning

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Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner for FOSS4G Asia 2018 will be on 3rd December 2018 from 19:30 – 21.00 at the Mount Lavinia hotel in Mount Lavinia. Gala dinner tickets can be purchased while registering for the conference (Early Bird 45USD 7,200LKR / Regular 55USD 8,800LKR).

Cocktail Menu – Pass around 1 1/2 Hrs
Welcome Drink
Non Veg
Panko Crumb Lagoon Prawns with Wasabi Mayo
Teriyaki Chicken Bites
Fired Handallo with lime vinaigrette
Chicken Kochchi bites
Teriyaki Chicken Bites
Tempered Kadala Kart (Veg)
Vegetable Summer Roll (Veg)
Fish And Chips in Paper Cone
Mini Vegetable Cornish Pasties
Mini Wade with Mint Chutney
** Hot Hot Hoppers Off the Pan **
Plain Hoppers & Egg
Hoppers Action Counter
Mongolian Rice stationAction Counter
Sweet Ending
Chocolate Chip Mousse
Very Berry Cheesecake Squares
Mini Fruit Tarts

Three rounds of Local spirits (Beer not included)*

* If you wish, you can bring your own liquor bottles to Gala dinner. Charges corkage fees as 1000.00LKR per each bottles by the hotel.




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